My work springs from fragments of the world we inhabit, often beginning with elements of photos I’ve taken myself, or images found on the internet. The artworks in It Fell From Earth mark the departure I’ve recently taken with painting, and with the component of collage. Working with oil paint on board, torn pieces of paper and collage, this transition has evolved my compositions into a new conversation about the surreal, while vaguely referencing the things that surround us.
I layer pieces of torn and cut paper amongst colour-photocopied fragments, which are further morphed with paint manipulation to create collages, where the photos have disappeared underneath the paint as an abandoned framework. This multi media approach takes these compositions further as imagery which hovers somewhere between reality and painterly fantasy, organic life and dystopian form.
I’ve intentionally taken on a palette activated with sickly sweat pastel colours, greens and browns, and have recently been painting with an ever-changing, chaotic impasto approach – opposite to the highly synthesised, glossy, luminous and multiple layered acrylic surfaces inherent in past series like Minx and Teaser. At times I have stepped entirely away from the use of photo references as a starting point for my paintings, in favour of undirected and impulsive paint application of shape, texture and colour. My work can look animated in some way, and these pieces have evolved into a collection of otherworldly atmospheres that give off a whiff of the post-apocalyptic. Some artworks could be interpreted as microscopic phenomena or outer space life forms from another planet, another cosmic dimension, or dreamscapes. In turn, I aim to allow the viewer to ponder all these worlds and atmospheres through my work in a way where the point of origin isn’t clear.