My current work is comprised of small encrusted, gloopy oil paintings on canvas and burlap, and a selection of collage work assembled from torn pieces of painted paper, often stitched together, with raw edges rather than the clean edged traditional picture plane. I have varied the scale, materials, and approach to mark-making in this series to avoid a repetitive singular context, instead pointing to a sense of expansiveness and random playfulness with materials including sparkle dust, embroidery thread, and paint impressions made with bubble wrap.
The work is presented as a conversation around the unknown, often with one foot in abstraction, the other vaguely suggesting the world we live in. Some pieces could be interpreted as microscopic lifeforms, dystopic landscapes. Others have an otherworldly presence which flutters underneath the layers and texture of paint, created in the moment out of pure instinct. In turn, I invite the viewer to ponder these atmospheres where the point of origin isn’t clear.